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9th January...

5 reasons to be excited for 2011...
1.       Graduation. Yes, between July the 18th and 22nd (date to be confirmed in February, natch), most of us will be donning ridiculous hats and capes, and tripping up onto the Great Hall stage to collect our degrees from the mysterious Vice Chancellor. Does this sound Harry Potter-esque to anyone else? (as a side note, who is the Vice Chancellor? What does he actually do? I’ve been at Lancaster for two and a half years and I still don’t know). I’m hoping that in six months time we will also have sorted our lives out and will all have stable plans, for the following couple of months at least. But I doubt it. Ho hum.
2.       Tate and Tennant. From June to September, the brilliant Catherine Tate and David Tennant will be taking the roles of Beatrice and Benedick in a Wyndam’s Theatre production of Much Ado About Nothing. This is very exciting times for us Shakespeare/ theatre geeks, so here is the link to the BBC story on it -
3.       Moving to London. At the end of the year I’ll be moving to London to take up my place on my journalism diploma with News Associates. The thought of this fills me with terror and lots of happiness ...Ainscough and I are currently recruiting housemates, apply via Facebook =)
4.       Finally handing in the dissertation. I cannot explain how happy I’ll be when m y 10,000 words are finally over with. This is all I’ll say on the matter.
5.       I may take up painting. This is not a New Year’s Resolution, because I’ve never been a huge fan of those. It’s just something I thought about today, whilst looking at my festive photographs and wondering if I could recreate them. So I’m not committing myself. In fact, I’ll probably never get round to it... unless someone buys me an easel, paints and canvas.